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Hello, we're the people behind the petals...



A Bendigo girl, Grace has passion for design that is intwined with her love of nature. She has been working with flowers for six years and has an extensive portfolio of creative experience. Her florals are wild, organic and compositionally eclectic.



A wanderer at heart, Ashe discovered her love of flowers travelling across India, Bahrain and amidst the deep green oaks of South Carolina. After a degree in law, she went straight into floral design



-environmentally conscious

At Judah Rose we practice sustainable floristry. This means we use local blooms whenever and as much as we can, no floral foam and a lower environmental impact.

We believe the beauty of nature is powerful in of itself and requires no  intervention through toxic artificial dyes. Who knew? 

Every bloom alleviates poverty. We share a portion of our profits with partners in India and Bendigo. So not only are our flowers gorgeous on the outside, they are beautiful on the inside too (aww).

A big thank you to our couples past and new for choosing us, we're over the moon...

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