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Social Foundry Cafe Installation

Social Foundry is a social enterprise found in picturesque Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges. The cafe functions as a space that provides a meeting place for the community (check out their festival of stories) and acts as a workplace designed to partner with young people. How cool! Plus; the food and coffee is amazing.

Recently, Judah Rose had the opportunity to design and create an installation in their ‘Living Room.’ The piece is 5 metres long and features a mix of living plants and dried florals. The best part about it? It was made sustainability. The materials used are sourced locally and the installation was made without floral foam.

The design process began with nothing more than a couple conversations and ‘chicken scratch’ sketches. The idea soon bloomed into something more. The installation has brought the space to life and drawn out the beauty of the room.

You can go see the installation and enjoy a meal while you do. If you visit, please make sure to tell us what you think.

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