We offer a range of options for you and your group, be it friends, students, bridal party or family.
You'll get your hands and minds familiar with some of our favourite blooms.  

Your class will be specifically tailored for your occasion. At each stage we can craft the workshop together; colour palette, theme and subject size.

Take some time away from the everyday to experience the beauty of floral design in an environment arranged for your relaxation and enjoyment. 


We will teach you some of our favourite techniques when it comes to choice, colour, technique, style and movement alongside some of our top secrets to what makes the perfect floral arrangement. 

We'll share with you some of what inspires us most. Alongside the importance of sustainable floral practice and how to be ecologically responsible with your blooms.

Come and join us, for good company, food and flowers. 



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every workshop is a uniquely tailored experience for you to share on the day and beyond with our complimentary photography

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